August 14
10-D Audit

08/14/20 – Out 10-D Audit is coming up next month so have lots to do. The most interesting thing about this audit is the black box. This secure box plugs into our servers and tests all aspects o - Read Post

August 13
Safety and Soundness Review

09/18/19 – Prepped for the last month and had our Safety and Soundness Review with no problems. This was nice for the QT as the 3rd QT Call Report season is almost here.  - Read Post

August 13

03/10/20 – The FDIC Exam is a big deal as the depositor insurance depends on the outcome of this review. We had 7 examiners in here for the week requesting items on top of the items they had req - Read Post

August 13
Directors Exam

02/20/20 – The Directors Exam was fantastic with NO notations or findings. This was a big win for me as this has been two Directors Exams with 0 findings. Prior to these two exams, about three y - Read Post

August 13
ALCO Meeting

08/13/20 – The ALCO Meeting was good today. We do see a bit of a change in the loan amounts due to the ever changing COVID problems. Regardless the bank is strong and chugging forward. Finished - Read Post

August 13
Funds Transfer (Wire and ACH) Review

08/07/2020 – I had my Funds Transfer Review (Wire & ACH) today and all came out on top. The reviewer found nothing and no issues. I’m happy to say I’m on a role now. next is Sale - Read Post

August 13
Banks Second AT Call Report Filed

06/24/2020 – I’m happy to say this QT Call Report was completed and filed a week in advance. This was an interesting one as the PPP loan have added a level of difficulty but didn’t t - Read Post